Feel Good Friday Video: Life is Good

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Here’s this Friday’s Feel Good Friday video. An attempt at shining some social media light on news that highlights the positive within us all. Enough already of the negative – let’s be inspired by the good. Enjoy.

Life is Good Story Video (highlighted on Inc.com)

Imagine living out of an old van for five years hoping to make it.

Inspired by your mom who prompted you at the dinner table by saying, “tell me something good that happened today” you continue traveling with your brother and selling shirts at college campuses.

Then when thinking about the need to share what’s good in the world, your brother sketches a character named Jake.

This is Bert Jacobs account of how he cofounded the Life is Good brand and how he endeavors to do more than sell shirts. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday Video: Life is Good”

    1. Thanks Denay for commenting. I’m on the hunt for good news – tired of all the negative. And Friday seemed a perfect day for a little pick-me-up. Life is good.

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