10 Videos You Must Show Your Class

Videos for the Classroom

In my post a few weeks ago, after listening to Duckworth discuss the importance of grit in the classroom I highlighted some approaches worth considering.

Well, after reading the post as it sits online, I just don’t think I gave you much help – which is the whole point of this blog.

So when convincing your students on the importance of doing one’s best, or how to live one’s life, or what each of us can do to make our world a better place, or the importance of love… here are some videos worth showing to your class.

I challenge you to use one a week or perhaps choose one that stands apart from the others (to you).

Have an honest conversation about what’s important in their lives, and yours.

  1. 10 Rules to Live By

Some classic rules to live by. Perhaps an excellent way to start your beginning of the year conversation about classroom rules as your students create their own to follow. A great way to building a classroom culture of care.


2. A Brave Kid Stands Up To Bullies

When a student speaks up about how others make him feel. Being a friend to others can make all the difference in the life of someone. Very short, but a great opener to starting a conversation in your class about being a friend to others.


3. Kids Who Need Medical Care Find Hope

A video about helping children who need help during their toughest days. A short film about helping even if helping doesn’t end well.


4. Pizza Shop Pays It Forward

One person’s idea to give others the opportunity to help others. If only more students, and more of us, would make the time to help others that need a boost of encouragement.


5. Teachers’ Inspiration

Students need to hear that they matter. Here’s a great video to share before you tell your students what they mean to you.


6. Unbroken Motivational Video

I love this one for its energy. Perhaps for our older students as some of the imagery is intense.


7. The Bar Mirror That Speaks

Definitely a video for the older students facing the challenge of making the right decision before getting behind the wheel. An excellent option right before prom.


8. The Unexpected Basket

When we look out for each other, it brings out the best in us.


9. Who I Am Makes A Difference

Each year, after a few months of getting to know my students, I would show this video to my 5th graders – a serious video I agree. I would then make slips of paper with “who you are makes a difference” that they could give to others after I gave one to each of them. A great video about taking the time to acknowledge each person’s value to others around them.


10. Truly Amazing Teacher

I believe I saved the best for last. Here is ten minutes of not just a great teacher whose enthusiasm is obvious as he attempts to blow up a pumpkin, but also a teacher who has enthralled his students during a conversation about love. This is one I’m going to have to put on repeat and from it, get inspired.


If you thought these were useful, take a look at these 12 videos I shared some time ago that may also work in your conversations with your students. I hope you find them empowering and thought provoking as well.

Do you a favorite video that you share with students? Send a link in the comments section. I would love to see others that have made a difference in you and your students’ lives.

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