Welcome to the Beginning of a Story



My name is Steven Kaminski and my goal is to share with you my insight into the world around us.

Almost sounds like I’m at a meeting about to confess, doesn’t it?

It is my belief that our daily walk comes with interesting insights and experiences. You may agree on what I share with you. I’ve been told that if we disagree, that’s ok too – as long as it creates a dialogue between us or gets you thinking. Or gets me thinking. Or gets you to share an insight I haven’t even thought of yet – there are plenty of those.

As each day begins, we are faced with a choice – do we even get out of bed?

Too often the alarm clock’s wonderful creation – the SNOOZE button – puts a delay on the first thing we must decide. If we push that darn little button too often, isn’t that a sign that we need to make a change?

For the past twelve years I have risen and driven off to an elementary school. Perhaps one close to you. I have shut the door behind myself and my students after the morning bell and taught fifth graders.

Until this year. Now I stand before third graders who arrive with smiles, frowns, worries and laughter. More smiles and laughter that my fifth graders did – a wonderful change. But still too many worry and anxiety for someone who has lived for a very short eight or nine years. So I have tried to make a change in their lives. Sometimes I am happy to report that I am very successful in bringing forth a smile, some laughter and a memory inside the classroom that counted.

This blog is an additional change. It’s a return to what I tried doing in my 4th grade summer – when I was 9. Of course that wasn’t the last time I put pencil to paper, but it is my first memory of spending time crafting a message. I think that story attempted to mirror my favorite TV show at the time – M.A.S.H. Now my daughter is a fan.

I plan to publish every Tuesday morning to start. I just finished reading Michael Hyatt’s Platform which led to listening to a few of his podcasts on the way to and from work. Which in turn led me to his first rule: write great content. A big enough challenge from the start. Also on the list – publish regularly. Additional hint: start with once a week to begin the habit.  So here it goes.

I acknowledge that my starting point is no where as exciting as I would like it to be. There are no fancy plugins and comment fields that appear out of thin air. Nor have I figured out how to get my words to be read by more people. There is no mailing list form which I know is vital. And there is no free e-book to offer. Nor is there a hook to buy any sort of product.

I am reminding myself to be patient and just begin. Baby steps.

#1 goal: just create great content.

I hope you find this content is worth reading and that you enjoy the stories. Perhaps you’ll be kind enough to leave a comment.

So, after rereading my words above for the last time, let me post this and begin…

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Beginning of a Story”

  1. Steven-
    OH. MY. GOSH!
    It was SO awesome to see your name on my blog after all this time.
    Thanks for reaching out- to connect once again. I look forward to reading your thoughts and responding/sharing insights.
    Wishing you nothing but awesome-sauce-ness!

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